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Last weekend and this weekend I did two very specifically themed events. Last week I was in a Big Top at Laughton Fair with the miniature Circus guys, who had invited me to join them. It was all a learning curve for us all, I didn’t know what to expect, nor did they.

Yesterday, I had booked a pitch at Hastings Steampunk Fair, again, I didn’t know what to expect, apart from loving all the fashion and imagery. We were inside a Chapel on the site with other stall holders.

Both events were fascinating, being part of these special interest/hobbies and meeting such interesting people. Watching the general public be enthralled by the amazing handmade creations of miniature circus and fascinated by Steampunk creations.

However, on the business side for me, and for the events? Facepainting is actually an entertainment, which means it can draw more people to your event, or to the area of interest. For this to be accomplished, advertising is key. The visiting public need to know you are there, and where you are.

Next year I will be returning with the Miniature Circus guys. We are going to put me closer to the entrance, with a more spacious working area. I will have a banner outside the Big Top, plus we will have me included on the general advertising. I had quite a few families say they were looking for the facepainter, but didn’t know where they would be. This will bring more people to the tent, and then to see the models too.

At the Steampunk event I met and painted some lovely people, amazing costumes and interesting stories. However, again, making sure there is plenty of advertising regarding your presence is so important to ensure custom, and I will definitely make sure this is in place for future events.

As a new Face painting business, a year and a half in, so much is all such a learning curve, but also so much fun! I meet so many lovely and amazing people and children and am going to some really cool places. I’m loving this job more and more!

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