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A face painters jam!

A ‘jam’ is when a group of face painters get together and enjoy all things face painty, bodyart, demos, glitter, Stencils, prosthetics, paint and equipment or just hanging out, swapping ideas, tips and tricks. Mainly, like with all jobs/interests/obsessions, hanging out with people who understand why you would get so excited over a blend of colours, a particular brush, another amazing artist, or has also had that one child who can’t sit still but wants a detailed design! ( In my case, my own child, no child is more fidgety than my 4yr old, he’s perfect to practice on ha ha ).

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be able to attend a jam ( and class in the morning by ) to celebrate the 30th Birthday of .

I had a fantastic day! In the morning Clare Jeffery taught us strokes, flourishes, linework, and glitter glam eye designs for adults or teenagers. Tricks with stencils, petal and bling placement. There is always new things to learn, and I think cpd in any profession is vital to ensure you continue to provide the best service for your client in whatever capacity. Plus, learning is the best fun!

After class, the jam got in full swing. Hosted by Liz Bylett ( owner of Follies ), there was body painting, balloon twisting demos, prosthetics, accessories, glitter, henna tattoo, practice boards and various painty demos. We’re like magpies over ‘all the pretty and shiny things’ ha ha. At the end, there was a catwalk show for the bodyart, all Halloween inspired, of course!

For me personally, I got to meet more lovely and talented painters from different parts of the country, putting faces to names only known from Facebook groups. Meet more well respected names in the business and see their work firsthand. Plus, hang out with my painty mates and just have fun, sharing our love and enthusiasm for this creative and inspiring magical world I discovered 18mths ago.

My beautiful eye design by Clare Jeffery

Mermaid braids!

you can have braids, paint, and go to the ball all at the same time!

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