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Birthday Party Season

It’s that time of year where the Birthday party bookings are filling up fast. Last weekend I was outside, and we had on/off rain/sun and lots of wind! A challenge to say the least, but still, everyone was painted and had a great time. Then it was a small party at a house, then a big hall, bouncy castle affair, each one so different.

However, I get to paint lots of lovely happy children AND adults, all enjoying that moment when they become fairies, superheroes, animals, unicorns, scary skulls, or just feel special with glitter and swirls. Each ‘mirror moment’ is the face painters reward, when they see their paint for the first time, and their face lights up, or studies it cautiously, but you can see inside they love it, that is what spurs us on!

’Very very hardworking, kind and thoughtful! Faces and arms looked amazing such talent. One very happy birthday girl along with all her friends. Defiantly recommend you to everyone 😘‘ Emily.

Im booking up fast, and looking forward to joining everyone on their special days, and seeing all the smiles.

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