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All things ‘bling’, and cats!

This week I concentrated on making lots of ‘bling’, face jewellery. I absolutely love making it, and it can really add that extra special ‘wow’ to a facepaint design. Plus, you can use it again! I attach it with high grade medical tape or cosmetically safe skin glue, and the customer can reuse on the skin with eyelash glue. I also find they make lovely decorations on anything, I have them stuck all round the place, or on cards, personal treasures etc.

The piece I made in the above picture was for a bespoke Autumn Equinox paint yesterday, and Halloween preparations are in full swing.

One of my regular jobs is painting at The RSPCA Bluebell Ridge cat rescue in Hastings. Facepainters get asked to offer their time, mainly for free from many charities, which is impractical when it’s your source of income. However, choosing one or two to offer your time to help out or help raise money for, is something we can do. Mine is animals, as I was a Qualified Veterinary Nurse before my oldest child came along. Having worked in the business, I completely understand the love,dedication and hard work the volunteers and those that run these rescue centres put into them. If it wasn’t for them, these places wouldn’t be there.

I love attending their open days, everyone is really friendly and caring, and I paint some lovely people.

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